Existential Graphs

Will include material by Peirce and by Students of the Graphs

Sample Documentation for Existential Graphs and some other Classes

  EG Control Library
  Order (Partial Orders and Base Classes for Sample Spaces, Possible Worlds, etc.)
  Generalized Sample Spaces (generates Hasse Diagrams for a variety of Posets)
is a system for working with Existential Graphs on digital computers and with digital media. as well as all documentation dealing with is Copyright 2004-6 by J. Jay Zeman
To download a copy of , go to Download and Install
Note that the application is set to demark the live area of each Spot with a "spot boundary" in the Text Color of the Spot; this is not to be confused with the boundary of a Cut (which encloses an area of color complementary to that on which the Cut lies) or a ConjunctiveEG boundary, which encloses a hatched area. This feature may be controlled by the user (see Using )

  Some Remarks on Programming Existential Graphs (using )
  Using - Discussions of how this tool is used to construct Existential Graphs
  A Proof in for (y)((x)Ax Ay) - this paper employs diagrams generated directly by Existential Graph software which is under development; it is part of documentation and theoretical discussion which we will add to from time to time.
  A Proof for (x)(Ax Bx) ((x)Ax (x)Bx) - this paper does the same for Universal Quantifier over Hook
  Some Distribution Principles - Graphical statements of Quantifier-Connective Relationships; might be used as exercises
Peirce on Existential Graphs
  Existential Graphs (CP 4.372.417)
  Existential Graphs and Logical Diagram (CP 4.418-529)
  Prolegomena to an Apology for Pragmaticism (CP 4.530-572)
  An Improvement on the Gamma Graphs (CP 4.473-584)
  Existential Graphs Paragraph Finder
Much Peirce material is on C. S. Peirce (and some other stuff)
For an indication of some possible future paths in Programming for EG, see The Tinctures and Implicit Quantification Over Worlds

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