Order Namespace


Namespace Description


Interface Description

IPartialComparer Compares two objects for order or equivalence, where incomparability of order is a possibility

IPartiallyComparable Defines a generalized partial-comparison method that a value type or class implements to create a type-specific partial-comparison method; this permits us to define partial orderings, where non-comparability of objects in the ordering is a possibility.


Class Description

CreatingCodeAttribute A Custom Attribute, based on DescriptionAttirbute; this Attribute is intended to help document Modules created by definition of a Delegate Method

Element Base Class for elements to be ordered within the Space represented by the Space Control

ElementCollection Base Class for Strongly-Typed Collections of Objects Based on Order.Element

ElementLayout Supplies a Base Class for code for placing Elements on the Space for various purposes

EventDataAttribute A Custom Attribute, based on DescriptionAttirbute

IsGammaElementAttribute A Custom Attribute aimed at Existential Graphs Assemblies; True iff its Target is a Gamma Element

MoveControl Provides code to move a Control - the Target - on the Client Area of a Container Control - the Arena

OrderingArrowHead Supplies an Arrowhead to indicate ordering between Element Controls Located on Space Control

PartiallyComparableCollection Base Class for Strongly-Typed Collections of Objects Based on the Order.IPartiallyComparable Interface

RemarksAttribute A Custom Attribute, based on DescriptionAttirbute

Space The Final Frontier - Base Class for the Domain within which Orderings Occur


Structure Description


Module Description

OrderLevel Contains Methods on the Namespace Level; these cover partial orders and related matters